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Innovative combination of membrane technology and biological filtration for water purification

Clean drinking water is a limited resource and the demand for water is increasing globally due to human population growth, increased wealth and climate change.

The vision of MEM2BIO is to develop new technologies for remediation of polluted drinking water resources. In MEM2BIO we will combine membrane separation and microbial degradation in sand filters as a new technology to remediate polluted drinking water (figure above). The membrane separation produces a clean drinking water stream, but also residual water with high pollutant concentrations. The residual water will then be treated in the sand filter either with added specific pesticide degrading bacteria or with optimised conditions for cometabolic degradation of chlorinated solvents. The pesticide degrading bacteria will benefit from the higher pollutant concentrations, serving as growth substrate. Furthermore, the membrane system can be designed to provide optimal nutrient conditions for the degradation process to occur.

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